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Matthias Mühlbauer

Matthias Mühlbauer, son of Johann Georg Mühlbauer and Anna Maria Dahlinger, was born on August 11, 1846 in Dossenheim, Baden, Germany. The last census he has been found in was the 1910 US Federal census for New Jersey, as a widower living with his daughter Veronica Frances (Milbauer) Newcombe. Matthias remarried in 1913 (see below), but no trace of him or his second wife has been found in the 1920 US census. Although searched for, no death record has been found.

Matthias was married twice. His first marriage was on November 13, 1866 to Barbara Retting. Barbara was the daughter of Johann Georg Retting and Margaretha ?? (maiden name not listed), and was born about 1850 in New York. She died sometime after 1900, but before 1910. No death record has been found yet.

Most of the family records from this marriage and later list the family surname as Milbauer.

Matthias and Barbara had the following known children:

  1. Johann Heinrich Milbauer (1867-aft. 1930)
  2. female Milbuaer (1868-bef. 1870)
  3. Veronica Frances Milbauer (1873-aft. 1930)
  4. Frank Milbauer (1876-aft. 1930)

According to the 1900 census, Matthias and Barbara had five children, but as of the date of the census, only three children were surviving.

The widowed Mathias is incorrectly listed in the 1910 census as Morris Milbauer, as father-in-law to James and Frances Newcombe (nee Milbauer, listed above, born 1873).

Matthias' was married for the second time on July 4, 1913 to Josephine Opp. They were married at St. Augustine's R.C. Church in Newark, New Jersey. Josephine, a widow, was the daughter of Frederick Opp and Anna Maria ?? (maiden name unknown). According to the marriage record, Josephine was born about 1858. Matthias is incorrectly listed as being 59 years old, when in fact he was 66 (one month shy of 67). Whether he deliberately lied about his age, or whether it was a mistake on the marriage record, is unknown.

Matthias and Josephine had no children.

In 1853, Matthias, along with his parents and brothers, departed from Rotterdam on the ship Charles, and immigrated to the United States. They arrived in New York on May 11, 1853, and eventually (before the 1860 US census) settled in Newark, New Jersey.

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Unless otherwise noted, all events (birth, marriage, and death) took place (or are assumed to have taken place) in and around Dossenheim, Germany.