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Johann Georg Mühlbauer

Johann Georg Mühlbauer, son of Johann Heinrich Mühlbauer and Maria Eva Zech, was born on February 7, 1819 in Dossenheim, Baden, Germany. He died on December 12, 1879 in the United States, in Newark, New Jersey.

On September 3, 1844, in Dossenheim, Germany, Johann married Anna Maria Dahlinger. No names were listed for Anna's parents. She is believed to have been born about 1820, and died sometime after the 1880 US census, but before 1900. No death record has been found yet, although she does not appear in any 1900 censuss, alone or with any of her children.

Johann and Anna had the following known children:

  1. Gerhard Muhlbauer (1845-??)
  2. Matthias Mühlbauer (1846-??)
  3. Heinrich Mühlbauer (1848-??)
  4. Lorenz Mühlbauer (1851-??)

Sometime in 1853, the family immigrated to the United States, and settled in Newark, New Jersey. The last record found for Gerhard Mühlbauer was the 1860 US census. It is unknown at this time whether he died, changed his name for some reason, or perhaps returned to Germany. No death record or marrige record has been found for him.

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Unless otherwise noted, all events (birth, marriage, and death) took place (or are assumed to have taken place) in and around Dossenheim, Germany.