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Adam Mühlbauer

Adam Mühlbauer, son of Johann Mühlbauer and Katharina Barbara Miltner, was born on February 25, 1835 and died on August 25, 1859.

On August 18, 1859, Adam married Barbara Kraft. Barbara was born on May 31, 1840. Her parents names were not listed on the marriage record.

Adam on lived for one week after his marriage to Barbara, who was evidently pregnant at the time. The marriage was most likely to legitimize the birth of their daughter (born less than two months after her father's death):

  1. Katharina Josepha Mühlbauer (1859-1887)

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Unless otherwise noted, all events (birth, marriage, and death) took place (or are assumed to have taken place) in and around Dossenheim, Germany.