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Mary Joanna McCartney

Mary Joanna McCartney, the daughter of Hugh McCartney and Mary O'Neill, was born on January 10, 1870 in Orange, New Jersey. She died about 1915.

Sometime about 1897, Mary married William B. Rourke. William was born on March 26, 1871, and was the son of Bernard Rourke and Mary Graham.

Mary and William had the following known children:

  1. Thomas J. Rourke (1898-??)
  2. William B. Rourke (1900-??)
  3. John Rourke (1905-??)
  4. Mary Rourke (1908-??)

After Mary's death (about 1914), William married Mary's still single, younger sister Susan McCartney. Susan was born on April 11, 1872 and died after 1930. She and William were married about 1915-16. At the time, it was common for a widower to marry the still single (spinster) or widowed sister of his late wife, especially if there were young children to raise.

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