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James McCartney

James McCartney, the son of James McCartney and Catherine Mooney, was born on March 12, 1871 and died on February 14, 1953. Although he has always been referred to as James Francis McCartney, his baptismal record at St. John's R.C. Church in Orange, New Jersey lists him, in Latin, as Jacob Patritio, or James Patrick. Family lore suggests that James was born in 1872. However, both his baptismal as well as his death record lists 1871 as his year of birth. Accord to St. John's records, James was baptised on March 19, 1871.

On November 30, 1893, at St. Mary's Help of Christians-Catholic in East Orange, New Jersey, James married Annie McKee, daughter of John Joseph McKee and Mary Anne Giblin. Family information that has been passed down for Annie McKee always listed her as Mary Anna McKee, born on February 14, 1872 in Lancashire, England. However, after further research, it has been found that there was both an Ann (not Anna) and a Mary McKee born to these parents, but not a Mary Anna. Neither were born on February 14th. Ann McKee was born on January 5, 1871, and Mary McKee was born on February 9, 1868. Both were born in Stoke-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England, and not Lancashire, England. Based on marriage, death and census records, it was the Ann born in 1871 that married James McCartney. Her birth record does not list her as Anna or Mary Anna. The only record found that listed her name as Mary Anna was the 1880 US census for Orange, New Jersey. All US census records thereafter listed her as Annie.

James and Annie had the following known children:

  1. Helen Louise McCartney (1894-1980)
  2. John McCartney (~1896-1901)
  3. James Francis McCartney (1896-1973)
  4. William Henry McCartney (1898-1970)
  5. Catherine E. McCartney (1899-1987)
  6. Hugh Lincoln McCartney (~1901-1901)
  7. John J. McCartney (1904-1924)
  8. Mary Elizabeth McCartney (~1903-1903)
  9. Susan Loretta McCartney (1905-??)
  10. Elizabeth McCartney (~1906-1907)
  11. Joseph McCartney (~1909-1909)
  12. Anna Gertrude McCartney (1911-1982)
  13. Edward Anthony McCartney (1913-1973)

Further information is available for most of the children listed above, although it is not being published at this time. For more information on the rest of the McCartney family, please return to the main McCartney Family page.