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Kidd Family Genealogy

William Kidd's ancestry, like that of his wife Ann Black, was thought to have originated in Scotland. But according to the 1841 Scotland census, William was born in Ireland. Other than the 1841 census, the only other reference to him has been found on his daughter Ann Kidd's marriage record. Scottish records at that time normally listed whether or not the parent was deceased, but on this particular record, both William and his wife Ann Black Kidd appear to be alive. Perhaps this was an oversight, or perhaps Ann for some reason just did not know.

In the 1851 Scotland census, William and Ann's 13-year-old daughter Ann was found living as a servant (occupation pirn winder) at 15 Abercrombie Street in Calton, Lanarkshire. Why William and the rest of his family do not appear in any other census records (for Scotland or England) is unknown. Perhaps they returned to Ireland, or immigrated elsewhere.

William Kidd and his daughter Ann (Kidd) Murray were both weavers by trade.

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