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Carlon Family Genealogy

Very little is known about this Carlon family. They originated in Ireland, possibly Londonderry, with the first known ancestor being Susan Carlon. Sometime in the mid-to-late 1850's, Susan, wife of Hugh McCartney, and her four (known) children immigrated to the United States. The reason for Hugh not joining them is unknown at this time. Perhaps he was already deceased. If he did immigrate, it is quite possible that he may not have survived the journey.

No actual ship record has been found yet, so the family may not have immigrated together. It is thought that the eldest son, James McCartney arrived first, to prepare the way for his mother and siblings to join him. The McCartney's may have arrived in the United States through the port of Philadelphia, but they settled in Essex County, New Jersey in the areas of Orange and West Orange.

Please use the following link(s) for further information about the Carlon family and their descendants. Each individual's birth year (or approximate birth year) is in parenthesis.